Sustainability and Style – Cervo Mountain Resort in Zermatt

I love roughing it well and all, but equally enjoy relaxing in a beautiful design hotel. So I was very excited I got to check out Cervo Mountain Resort in Zermatt, a beautiful hotel, where sustainability and style are in symbiosis.

Cervo Mountain Resort is nestled into the mountainside above Zermatt, secluded and with spectacular views of this famous Swiss mountain town and Switzerland‘s most iconic mountain Matterhorn, but still very close to the bustling streets of the village‘s center. A electric taxi picked us up from the train station, since Zermatt is car-free. So far, so sustainable.

arriving at Cervo… (c) Claudia Peter

The first we got to enjoy was the hotel‘s spacious deck with views of the town and the Matterhorn. With a basil-gin-tonic as a welcome drink in our hands we took in the beautiful scenery. (Only a few hours later we would be back here to enjoy a lively and lovely acoustic show by Amistat as part of Zermatt Unplugged)

Amistat at Cervo. Oh, how i missed live music!

Next up was checking in and checking out our room: and it certainly did live up to the expectations: Comfy box spring beds, cosy beige and brown tones, a balcony with view of the Matterhorn, organic tea and coffee and quality natural bath products all showed how Cervo pays great attention to detail.

style and cosyness at Cervo
…comfy beds and crisp sheets…
#balconylove at Cervo (c) Claudia Peter

Some further great features we got to explore at Cervo: The mountain Ashram spa, that includes a sauna, a steam room, an onsen, a serene relaxation room, yoga classes and a variety of treatments and massages. The climbing wall in one of the buildings open staircases. The pretty bike/ski/boards room with a little work station and lockers for your gear. The cosy and stylish bazaar restaurant, that features regional products, many vegan and vegetarian dishes, and especially their great brekkie buffet.

Bazaar restaurant at Cervo (c Claudia Peter)
Ski/bike room at Cervo (c) Claudia Peter
A staircase that is also a climbing wall 🙂

And some more ‚background‘ features, that are also very cool: the sustainable energy supply, natural production of hot water and heating, and lots of natural materials used throughout the whole resort.

Drinks with a view at Cervo (c) Claudia Peter

And last but not least: A staff that was super welcoming and friendly throughout our whole stay.

This article is the result of a press invitation by Gornergrat Bahn and Cervo Mountain Resort (read more about my experience on Gornergrat here).

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