10 Things to Know that make Trekking in the Himalayas so much more enjoyable

Just some tipps and hints on how to stay warm and hydrated and healthy and happy and how to live that trail life in style and comfort. Read More

10 books to get you longing for the Himalayas

Winter is coming, at least here in Europe, and with it those long, dark evenings perfect to catch up on reading about your favourite or next travel destination. Here are my top-10 Himalaya related books: From an Everest climb gone badly wrong to finding Zen among mountain sheep to civil courage in deep valleys in Pakistan. Read More

The “Baby-Trek” in Markha Valley – A taste of the Himalayas in India’s far north

Ladakh – the little kingdom in the very north of India – is the perfect place to get a first taste of trekking on the top of the world.¬†Especially if you start off light¬†with what locals teasingly call the “Baby Trek” because it’s so short and easy. You might laugh with them at first. You won’t anymore when you try to make your way up to that top of the pass at a gruesome altitude of 5260 meters.

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