Hello everyone and welcome to “twigs and feathers”, my little corner of the internet. My name is Claudia, I am journalist and writer, living in Winterthur, Switzerland, but feeling most at home on the road, with my belongings strapped to my back. Which is what this blog is going  be all about.

I have loved the outdoors ever since I first saw a pony and decided I will want to spend most of my childhood an teenage years on a horseback. Nowadays its not so much horsebackriding anymore but hiking, snowboarding and camping that keeps me out and about. And since I spent a  highschool year in Sydney I have not only a great desire to be outdoors but also to discover places and nature around the world. I love the north and the mountains and cloudy skies and bonfires and stargazing and the feeling of freedom and insignificance that you only get out in the wild.

“twigs and feathers” is about this feeling. It’s about going on little adventures which you find just around the corner of your home, and about big adventures in distant lands far away. Its about not being afraid of not being outdoorsy enough or not prepared enough, but about just getting your bum out there, experiencing the wild and enjoying it.

So there will be hiking suggestiosn, hiking tipps, book inspiration, restaurant and hotel recommendations (because even the most avid camper is in need of a stylish hotel room sometimes I find), thoughts on nature and conservation and the occasional rant or thought on the state of our world in general.

If you have questions, thoughts, remarks on any topic: feel free to drop me a line!



PS: All articles represent my personal opinion. If an article is the result of a collaboration or of a press invitation this will be clearly stated in the article.

PPS: When I am not on the road I work as a freelance journalist and writer for various newspapers and magazines writing about politics and social issues in Switzerland and abroad, about pop-culture, travelling and outdoor activities. Check out my webpage for some of my work (all in german though): www.claudiapeterblog.wordpress.com

PPPS: Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you are interested in working together:

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