Where the Wild Marmots are โ€“ A three-day hike in Val Roseg

Glaciers, thousands of years old. Idyllic alpine lakes. Heartfelt welcomes in remote alpine huts. Marmots playing cheekily on hiking trails. Val Roseg, a mountain valley in the Grisons, boasts many highlights and is an ideal destination for a three-day hike from guesthouse to guesthouse.

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Snow covered peaks, snow covered streets – An autumn roadtrip through the Swiss Alps


Nowhere in Switzerland is autumn as beautiful as in the mountains, where the landscape is glowing brightlyย with reds and yellows and greens and where the weather is ever changing from blinding sunshine to thickestย fog to cold snow. So when we had a little time at our hand, my sister and I took to the road for three days and drove across five of Switzerlands most iconic mountain passes.ย  Read More