Flowers, Festivals, Holy Cows – A temple tour through Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a city of festivals and temples. I have not yet been able to count how many little temples I pass on my way to work here and how many festivals have been celebrated since I arrived. Just wandering around will bring you by countless temples and shrines. But do make sure not to miss these five. Read More

Bamboo Trains and Bat Caves – Cambodia in two Weeks

Tomb Raider setting, ice cubes in your beer to keep it at least cool-ish, tuk-tuk madness on the streets – my recent trip to Cambodia has been a treat. Here is how to make the most out of your time there if you are on the rather short itinerary of only two weeks and still want to squeeze in the lot: from temples to diving to climbing to home-staying with a family. And to top it off with celebrating the Happy Khmer New Year with a water fight that lasts a whole day.

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