A Taste of the Silk Roads at “Of Silk and Salt” in Patan

From Turkish Menemen Eggs for breakfast to Vietnamese Salads and Peshwari Burgers for dinner, the restaurant “Of Silk and Salt” takes you on a journey along the Hippie trail to the food secrets of the silk road. I had the pleasure of staying with its owners Anne and Jerome during my time in Kathmandu and to talk to them about their restaurant.

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Kathmandu – Or how to make any city a homebase

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, was to be my first destination on my five-month-travel-adventure. I arrived in this lively, busy and loud city after many hours in a plane, spent two days exploring the town and came back to its vibrant streets to recharge my travel batteries between destinations in Nepal and again now, just two days before I leave Nepal again.

I like to to come back to places during my travels, to make them a temporary homebase, where I can unwind after busy travel- and hiking-days. And I dont ask for much: Its only four things I need to feel home in any city:

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