Salty swims, coastal walks, speciality coffees – On The Wild Atlantic Way in Donegal

Irelands north western corner might not have been quite as wild as I hoped it would be, with loads of holiday homes dispersed through the beautiful landscape. Nevertheless I found some beautiful spots to walk, swim and relax. Here are some of my favourites:

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Dirty Paws – 3 beautiful Hot Springs around Mammoth Lakes

There’s hardly anything better after a day of hiking than letting your sore muscles relax in tub of hot water. Even better when said tub of hot water is a natural hot springs and you get to watch the sun set over the Sierra Nevada. Here are three of my favourite hot springs in the Mammoth Lakes area.

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Bring me the Winter – 10 days on Iceland’s Ring Road

Roadtripping around Iceland, a country notorious for its fierce storms and constant weatherchanges, in late fall? I really wasn’t sure whether this was one of my better ideas. Yet I have wanted to visit Iceland for years and was able to take some days off work in late October, so I decided to give it a go. Turns out, the idea wasn’t so bad after all – here is to ten days of spectacular nature, tiny horses and a bunch of mad sheep.

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Snow covered peaks, snow covered streets – An autumn roadtrip through the Swiss Alps


Nowhere in Switzerland is autumn as beautiful as in the mountains, where the landscape is glowing brightly with reds and yellows and greens and where the weather is ever changing from blinding sunshine to thickest fog to cold snow. So when we had a little time at our hand, my sister and I took to the road for three days and drove across five of Switzerlands most iconic mountain passes.  Read More