#traveltreasures: The Peacock Guesthouse in Bhaktapur

A 500-year-old building, beautiful woodcarvings, tastefully decorated rooms and superb coffee and cupcakes? Welcome to the Peacock Guesthouse in Bhaktapur. A place not to be missed on any Nepal-trip.


My stay at the Peacock Guesthouse in Bhaktapur was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Nepal. It was not only the best guesthouse I stayed at in Nepal but easily one of the most beautiful places I stayed at ever, and furthermore it was affordable and the hosts supernice.

The guesthouse was opened in 2011 and is situated in the very eastern part of Bhaktapurs old town, at Dattatreya Square and close to the famous woodcarved “peacock-window”. The house was built in typical Newari style: red brickstone and dark, skillfully carved, wooden parts.

You enter through a tiny wooden door into a beautiful courtyard. Here you can enjoy the familys homemade cakes and cupcakes (try the pumpkin. or the oreo) and good coffee, while admiring the woodcarved items displayed for sale. Here also breakfast will be served in the morning, featuring proper italian coffee, homemade bread and muffins, omelets and homemade jam, and King Curd, the famous, naturally sweet, Nepali yogurth. The guesthouse also features a woodcarving workshop, where you can see the woodcarving artists working at their pieces.

How about a cappucchino and an oreo cupcake?
Beautiful pieces of woodcarving displayed in the courtyard.

A narrow stairway leads you uptstairs to the various rooms, all beautifully furnished and tastefully renovated just a few years ago. I got a large room right under the roof, with my own little rooftop terrace. Here I relaxed after my days of exploring Kathmandu Valley (read more about how I got to experience the very unique New Year’s eve traditions of Bhaktapur) and even got some work done (hello, digital nomadism). When I go back to Nepal, a stay at Peacock Guesthouse will surely be part of the plan!






Peacock Guesthouse, Dattatreya Square, Bhaktapur, Nepal
Room features: modern western bathroom, complimentary toiletries, free wifi, breakfast included.
When I stayed there in April 2016 I payed 25 USD per night.

Website Peacock Guesthouse


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