One more Cup of Coffee in Canggu

I remember where I first read about Canggu. The name appeared in a book on surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding and evoked in me pictures of beachlife, of tattooed hipsters, of serene yoga-retreats and cafes revelling in the art of breakfast – it turned out that is exactly what Canggu is.

Though my relationship with Bali was  a rocky one to say the least, I have to admit I loved every minute spent in the tiny, though alarmingly fast growing, beach community of Canggu, just north of tourist-hub Kuta and glittery Seminyak. Canggu  attracts surfers from all over the world, yet there are still a lot of locals hitting the surf and hanging out at the beachbars too. Its streets are still quiet enough that you can actually ride a bicycle on them (tough you might provoke the local youth into laughing out loud at the sight of you), yet there are plenty of coffeeshops to caffeine away your days – especially when you, like me, are a big fan of the concept of surfing, but don’t really enjoy actually being in the water.

So in honour of my relaxing and fun two weeks spent in Canggu here are some of my favourite coffee, yoga and food related hangouts:

Old Man’s

All-time favourit with locals and tourists this beach bar has it all: Yummy brekkie and good coffee in the mornings, light snacks, healthy juices and loads of shady spaces during the day and music, beer and bar food during the night. It’s the place where you meet up with your friends before you go to dinner, and end up not going anyhwere else at all. That you can spot surfers from wherever you sit is just another of the many qualities of Old Man’s.



Little Flinders

Just opened in May 2016 this little coffeeshop/restaurant caters to your fancy breakfast needs. Avocado and poached eggs on toast became my standart over the many times I started my day there. And just as much did I like their gnocchi on a creamy tomato sauce in the evenings. The restaurants appeals to the eye too and pays attention to little details: While I at first just came for the coffee, I soon fancied the tiny chocolate-and-pepper-muffin accompanying each cup just as much.





The heart of hipster-Canggu is this huge motorcycle-surfapparel-books-artgallery-flagship-store-coffeeshop-restaurant. Yummy food, good coffee, entertainment on some nights. And as it turned out Deus for me became my favourite digital-nomad-outdoor-office-space, the place where I could concentrate enough to actually get some work done, while munching away on their fries and sipping on my third or forth cold-dripped iced coffee.



Some of the tastiest food I have had in Bali in a familiar, unformal, breezy little restaurant. Ithaka specialises in Balinese cuisine, the portions a huge and the meals all supertasty. And if you still have room for desert. There is deep-fried Oreos on the menu. Oh yeah!


THE brekkie-hub for all the surfer boys and girls. Theres yummy coffee, healthy-but-oh-so-tasty smoothies, and anything from granola with fruit to eggs-and-bacon-proper-brekkie served in this tiny little garage-kinda-place. Be there early. And be aware that you will have to share a table nevertheless. If you can snatch a spot at all.


A little more quiet than Crate but equally fun to hang out is the  Canteen. Come for the super-cool retro decor that includes vintage surfboards and pictures on the walls, and stay for the yummy brekkies and sandwiches.

La Laguna

Not technically in Canggu but rather halfway down to Seminyak, I am still gonna include La Laguna because I loved this cool evening hangout. Right at the beach the outdoor bar has the feel of a long-forgotten gypsy-style village, all with old wooden chariots and tiny lanterns all over the place. Comfy cushions, tasty mediterranean food and delicious cocktails will make you never wanna leave.

The Chillhouse

Coolest place to Yoga in Canggu. They have a great selection of classes, good teachers, a nice airy yoga studio. Classes are walkins. And if you dont feel like going through your Upward-facing-dogs and planks, theres always the pool to just hang out.

Desa Seni

And if you fancy something a little fancier than the Chillhouse…Check out Desa SEni resort. Serene and beautifully arranged resort with a open-air yoga studio in the middle of a lush and beautiful garden. Classes are walk-ins.

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