Mountain Views and Jungle Greens at “Namobuddha Resort”

If you want to escape the dust and chaos of Kathmandu on a quick and easy weekend-getaway, head to Namobuddha Resort near Dhulikhel. The beautiful eco-hotel welcomes you with the coziest little lodges and with delicious vegetarian food – and if you are lucky the universe might just throw in some amazing mountain views too.

After six weeks in the dust-bowl that is Kathmandu I was happy to plan a short get-away from the city, a weekend to just read and sleep and eat and enjoy some quietness and nature. I couldn’t have picked a better spot than beautiful Namobuddha Resort.

Rice terraces around Dhulikhel (c) Robyn Grossniklaus

Namobuddha Resort is situated near Dhulikel and it is possible to reach it via bus from Kathmandu. The easier option however is what I opted for: I arranged for a taxi to pick me up in Kathmandu and arrived in Namobuddha after a surprisingly quick ride of approximately two hours. Yet it felt like many more hours away from the city: The resort is nestled on a hillside within a lush rain forest. Red and pink hibiscus flowers and blue and yellow butterflies add variety to the many greens of the grasses, the bushes and the tall trees.

Lush rainforests and thick monsoon clouds at Namobuddha Resort.

The rooms are individual little lodges that were built in a traditional style and that are spacious and bright. Each little lodge comes with a outside patio, many with great views. The best spot to take in the scenery however is from the patio just in front of the restaurant. Comfy armchairs let you relax, attentive staff is always ready to get you some refreshments.

Guests stay in individual little lodges at Namobuddha resort.

The food is one of the highlights of the place. Most of the veggies are grown on the property. Dairy products like cheese and yogurt are produced at the resort, with the milk from their three buffalos. Lunch and dinner are a set vegetarian menu, that included on our stay a beetroot-soup and a chinese-style sweet and sour fry, and chocolate pie for dessert. The guests eat together at the large table in the restaurant, all in one group if you are in for a bit of small talk with your fellow travellers or separated by a few chairs if you prefer a bit of privacy. Ingrid, the owner of the place, joins in, and she is great fun to talk to and a fountain of tips for activities during your stay and for getting around in Nepal in general.

The monastery is well worth the 30-minute-walk. (c) Robyn Grossniklaus

Well-fed and rested you can venture out to visit the monastery of Namobuddha and the nearby Stupa. You can wander through the forests and the rice terraces. Or you can just sit back and relax on the patio, wait for the clouds to clear and see the whole stunning Himalaya mountain range emerge in front of you. Silent, grand and serenely beautiful.

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When the clouds part and the world’s tallest mountains emerge… 🙂 (c) Robyn Grossniklaus



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