Flowers, Festivals, Holy Cows – A temple tour through Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a city of festivals and temples. I have not yet been able to count how many little temples I pass on my way to work here and how many festivals have been celebrated since I arrived. Just wandering around will bring you by countless temples and shrines. But do make sure not to miss these five. Read More

Why you should visit Chitwan despite the tourist masses

Chitwan Nationalpark is a number-one-destination in Nepal for a reason: There is some serious wildlife spotting to be done there. And even though masses of tourists visit the park each year, you can still get away from the crowds in vast bush lands – just make sure you take a guide. The next Rhino might just be around the corner. Read More

The Smiling Women of Kirtipur

A guided walk took me through the beautiful little town of Kirtipur. Here I got an insight into the daily lifes of some of the women, working at the loom, drying rice grains and rebuilding earthquake-damaged parts of the town. And though it is a cliché, I was nevertheless struck by how many smiles I encountered walking through the narrow streets.  Read More

Jaam, Didi – Female power on Nepals trekking routes

For twenty years the 3 Sisters Trekking Agency has been training female guides and porters. They empower Nepali women by enabling them to work and they show men that they belong on the treks too. How important their effort is I was shown on my twelve days trek to Annapurna Basecamp.

Read More