Dirty Paws – 3 beautiful Hot Springs around Mammoth Lakes

There’s hardly anything better after a day of hiking than letting your sore muscles relax in tub of hot water. Even better when said tub of hot water is a natural hot springs and you get to watch the sun set over the Sierra Nevada. Here are three of my favourite hot springs in the Mammoth Lakes area.

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A Glitter of Green – 5 beautiful Day Hikes in Yosemite National Park

Visiting Yosemite national park for the first time can feel a little overwhelming. The valley might seem like a superbusy Disneyland at times, and the hiking opportunities are endless. So in case you don’t know where to start, here are five easy to moderately strenuous day hikes, that show you Yosemite’s beauty and get you away from the crowds at least a bit. Read More

The Highest Point in the Lower 48 – On hiking Mount Whitney

Ever since I travelled to the US for the first time five years ago and I set eyes on Mt Whitney on a overnight stop in Lone Pine I wanted to climb this highest point in the Lower 48. So I was superstoked when this time things all worked out starting from getting permits to the weather playing along to beating the altitude all the way to the top. So… this is how its done in five steps.

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Climbers, Hippies, Tourists – Wonderful Desert Live in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is one of my favourite places in the US, partly because I have family there and am so lucky as to call the place a home away from home, but also because even though I am a mountain person I find the desert truly magical and because the tiny town of Joshua tree is a great place to hang out. So here is my top seven things to do in this wonderland of rock and dust.

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