10 Books that Take you Into the Wild

Scottish Islands, desert plains, wild canyon rivers, deep blue seas and wild Yellowstone valleys  – beautiful nature writing has the power to take you to these places of wild and make you ponder your relationship with nature and wildlife. Here are ten of my favourite books that take you into the wild by the sheer power of words.

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Hunting for Werewolves (and other fun activities) in Olympic Nationalpark

Yes, I did read and enjoy Stephenie Meyers Twilight-Saga (Team Jacob, all the way), and of course I watched the movies and I marvelled at the beautiful scenery where the whole story is set. So I was superexcited when a trip to Olympic Nationalpark was part of our US-roadtrip-itinerary. Here is what the park has to offer when you get tired of hunting for werewolves.

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The March of the Little Penguins

I only did a two-weeks-pit-stop in Australia, spending some time with friends in Sydney and quickly visiting Melbourne and the southern coast. Yet I had enough time for what turned out to be one of my favourite excursions during my travels: watching the parade of the little penguins on Phillip Island. Though it was freezing and raining, I had the best of times watching the little fellows arrive on the shore and waddling their way up to their nests. Cuteness factor very high indeed!

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Back to Nature – Turtle Conservation and Ecotourism in Bali

There was a certain magic to the moment – the tiny baby turtle slowly stepped off my hand, took his first uncertain steps in the wet sand and then suddenly quite sure of what he was doing started making his way towards the ocean at a rather suprising speed. With the next wave flooding the beach and pulling back into the sea, baby turtle was gone. “Back to Nature”, the old Balinese man next to me said smiling. He takes care of the baby turtles in a unique project that combines turtle conservation with eco-tourism. Read More

Why you should visit Chitwan despite the tourist masses

Chitwan Nationalpark is a number-one-destination in Nepal for a reason: There is some serious wildlife spotting to be done there. And even though masses of tourists visit the park each year, you can still get away from the crowds in vast bush lands – just make sure you take a guide. The next Rhino might just be around the corner. Read More