Shetland Islands – yes, they have ponies!

Some memories of my autumn trip to the Shetland Islands. Much beauty, much wilderness, much pony cuteness!

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So first things first: Pictures of Ponies roaming the hills of Unst, Shetlands northernmost island and accordingly the most northerly point in the UK (I actually drove up to the very end of the road leading north. It rained so much when got there, there was literally nothing to see. So no picture)

IMGP0058IMGP0069IMGP0057IMGP0067Amazing view from the cliffs after a short hike through Hermaness bird reserve. The wheather being very novembery the scenery was even more spectacular.


Some fun chilling guys I saw just outside Lerwick. Tough I found it quite difficult to find affordable accomodation in Lerwick, the capital of Shetland Islands, the city quite grew on me. There was a fine bookstore (always a must), some fun little shops and a yummy coffee store. Also walking around the harbour is a must, the little houses built right into the water are supercute.



Travel Information:
I arrived at Lerwick by NorthLink Ferry from the Kirkwell, Orkney Islands. A single cabin on the overnight ferry costs approx. 100 pounds.
I left by plane from to Edinburgh.

Car rental was easy and unbureaucratic, and cost approx. 45 pounds per day.

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