7 movies to inspire your wanderlust

With evenings being long and cold, movie nights are the way to go. And they are a great source for travel inspiration. Here are seven movies that make you want to leave your couch right away and head outdoors and for new adventures.

1. True Grit

Harsh and beautiful scenery, horses, outlaws, a texas ranger and a stubborn and strong female lead: my number one lets plan an outdoor adventure movie.

2. Little Miss Sunshine

Love the bus. Love the jokes. Love the message. Love witty protagonist Olive.

3. Der letzte Trapper

A quiet documentary about the profession of trappers in Americas far north.

4. Darjeeling Limited

Superfunny, super melancholic: This three brothers trip to India is one you are gonna enjoy hugely.

5. Crazy Heart

A roadmovie about an ageing country singer. Did I mention I like Jeff Bridges?

6. Wild

Hiking as soul-searching and one of the movies that focuses on women travelling alone.

7. Into the Wild

The landscape. The silence. The music. Oh, the music.


What movies are on your top-seven-list? I would love to read your suggestions!

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