Murgseen Round Trail – Stunning Glarner Alps!

The Murgseen Round Trail is one of my alltime favourite nice and easy hikes. It takes about 5 hours to do the round trip and takes you through some beautiful remote alpine valleys. So with the wheather being all nice and late summery two weeks ago, we hit this round trail once again. Continue reading…

The round trail starts from a parking ground in the Murg valley (10 CHF parking fee, bring coins!). It begins with a steep ascent to get the juices flowing. Whenever you stop to catch your breath, dont forget to turn around and enjoy the spectacular view of the Churfirsten!

After a while the trail will lead into a beautiful little valley. Theres a little creek meandering through grassy ground, there are huge boulders covered in moss, theres pine trees and there are the mountain peaks to look up to. Even tough the parking ground was full we encountered little fellow hikers and had the peaceful valley all to ourselves – and loads of cows and calfs. If you encounter a mother-cow-herd: Make sure you approach them carefully and dont get between a mother-cow and her calf! The cow will try to defend the calf and attack: people actually get seriously hurt when acting careless! We luckily had little trouble passing this first herd, even though one especially large cow started following us unconfortably quick-paced. When we turned right and started our second ascent she soon decided to rather stay with her herd than climb after us.

Murgseen 1 (13.09.2015)
Murgseen Round Trail (13.09.2015)
Murgseen Round Trail (13.09.2015)
Murgseen Round Trail (13.09.2015)

The second ascent is a toughy. One of those ascents that keep adding another little bump right behind the one you though was the highest point. Finally up on Murgseefurgel (1905 meters above sealevel) you are rewarded with a beautiful view – and in our case some seriously heavy wind!

Murgseen Round Trail – Murgseefurgel (1905 M.ü.M) (13.09.2015)
Murgseen Round Trail – View from Murgseefurgel (1905 M.ü.M) (13.09.2015)
Murgseen Round Trail – Quite some wind on Murgseefurgel (1905 M.ü.M) (13.09.2015)

We quickly added some layers to our T-Shirt-Outfits, loving our Merino-Shirts and Fleece-Jackets and windproof Hard-Shells at that moment, and kinda happy that we didnt carry them with us for nothing. Nevertheless we did rather quickly start our descend in search for a more windshielded place for our lunch-break.

A little further down you reach the shore of the two Murgseen, the Murg-Lakes. Since we were already feeling pretty chilly we did not swim and not even wet our toes. On that day we were much more interested in the Murgseen-Hütte, where we had some yummy hot chocolate.

Afterwards down down down the stairs we went. Or rather the very steep and also very slippery path. Be careful not to rush down the path, and make sure to acknowledge the view! Its beautiful! Eventually the path evens out and its an easy and quick walk back to the carpark.

Murgseen Round Trail – Alpine hut near the trail (13.09.2015)
Murgseen Round Trail (13.09.2015)

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