Rising High – A two-day hike in the Alpstein

With the impressing Mount Säntis dominating the scene the Alpstein is one of Switzerlands most iconic mountain ranges and has become popular with the instagrammers the past few years. I finally found the time to explore the area for myself with a beautiful two-day hike featuring a cosy guesthouse on a mountain top, hiking along steep ridges and swimming in icy cold lakes.

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On a knife’s edge – Hiking the Hardergrat

So I thought it might be fun to hike the Hardergrat in the Bernese Alps by myself. Turns out it was mostly type two fun: It was the most terrifying, exposed and strenuous hike I ever did. It was however also one of the most beautiful ones. Here’s to 10 hours of testing my limits and getting some amazing views in return.

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Snow covered peaks, snow covered streets – An autumn roadtrip through the Swiss Alps


Nowhere in Switzerland is autumn as beautiful as in the mountains, where the landscape is glowing brightly with reds and yellows and greens and where the weather is ever changing from blinding sunshine to thickest fog to cold snow. So when we had a little time at our hand, my sister and I took to the road for three days and drove across five of Switzerlands most iconic mountain passes.  Read More

Top of the Churfirsten – Workout with a view

The Churfirsten are one of the most iconic mountain ranges in Switzerland. And though their south face shows spectacular cliffs towering above Walensee, the seven peaks are actually fairly easily reached via their northern side. In case of the Selun the quest is rather straight forward – the trail doesn’t even bother with switchbacks most of the time but goes straight up the back of the mountain. It is not really the most interesting trail, and the hike feels more like a regular workout. The view from the summit makes up for it though – and gets you hooked on conquering the other six peaks too.  Read More

A maze of rock and rubble – From Braunwald to Klöntal

A vast wasteland lies hidden between the mountains of Braunwald and Klöntal. A wasteland of rock and rubble and treacherously deep crevasses. A trail winds through this maze-like landscape that lets you experience a feeling as if you’ve landed on the moon in a fairly easy day-hike, that I hugely enjoyed.

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6 Days, 120 km, 6000 m of altitude – Bring it on, Schwyz!

A year ago I was invited by the tourism agency of the canton of Schwyz to try out their new hiking route to review it for the newspaper I worked for. The itinerary was to hike some 120 kilometres in six days, covering an average of 1000 meters of altitude up and down daily. They called it the “Tour of the Kings” and when I was asked to take on the challenge, I immediately was game. It was a strenuous six-days-trip — but well worth it!

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